Tensile Structure in Kerala

Tensile Structure in Kerala

Kerala is the land of God, they say. Festered with numerous lakes lined with coconut trees, a shade amidst them is all one can desire. Fortunately, it isn’t difficult nowadays to get one. BKF group is known for its assemblage of top quality tensile structure in Kerala.

Specializing mainly in manufacture of car parking sheds, car parking tensile structure, walkaway structure, entrance, roofing shades etc., we are also engaged in production and assembly of polycarbonate and prefabricated structures. These include some aluminum fabrication structure, steel fabrications, heavy duty steel fabrications, domes and polycarbonate canopies under which you can sit and enjoy the land of God.

Though primarily available in preset dimensions and standard designs, we also take orders for customer made designs. The production of various tensile structure in Kerala is done using high quality materials from reliable vendors and under strict guidelines set by our dedicated team of designers and engineers.

For a state renowned for its natural beauty, we think you won’t mind travelling a bit to our registered Fab Structure stores and choose what the best is for you.